2020 Donations Are In!

We may be small, but we are mighty! We donated $50 each to Project Q and FolkTime for 2020. Thank you for helping to make this happen. 

If you're following Workhorse on Instagram, you may have already seen, but here are the receipts!

We had $96 in mask sales. For tiny little companies like Bini's Josephine's Dry Goods (she drafted the pattern) and mine, that's great! We are SO grateful. 

 shopify sales graph showing $96USD in sales for mask pattern

I rounded up, and sent $50 to Project Q. Project Q was recommended to us by the lovely Jasika Nicole. Bini and I are advocates for the LGBQT+ community.

 image showing $50USD payment to ProjectQ

Another $50 went to FolkTime.org. Both Bini and I are sober, have personal & family ties to the mental health advocacy community, and I am a suicide survivor.  

FolkTime $50USD payment receipt

FolkTime is a newer nonprofit, so their receipt is still in the beginning-organization phase. You know I can respect that! 

Getting models for the mask this year in quarantine has proven more difficult but I will finally have more images for you next week of large men with beards. I'm very grateful for local friends who are letting me mail them masks and sending me photos back, so stay tuned for those.

I know you have mask sewing and wearing fatigue. We do too. So much fatigue this year. We must stay strong and persevere. We still likely have another full year to go before vaccinations can get even close to herd immunity, barring anymore unforeseen events. If you buy a mask pattern, know that any and all future profits from mask sales through 2021 will be donated in 2021. We thank you so much for being here, sewing with us, and being part of the solution.

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