50% Off Entire Store End Of Summer Sale & DIY Willow Trees - Email Aug 25, 2022

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50% Off Entire Store!

Important things first. Sale through end of August. No code needed. Discount auto applied in checkout. Stock-up on patterns for fall or spring, depending on your hemisphere. It's time for a closet refresh!

bowl of wet cherries

It's the tail end of cherry and peach season here in the Pacific Northwest. We even have our own PNW cherry called the Rainier Cherry cultivated at Washington State University in Pullman. WSU is world famous for its ag department. I highly recommend their cheese. It really does come in a can and it really is worth that price.  

I've been eating a cherry-almond cake version of my Lazy Muesli. I've been using fresh cherries, sliced almonds, a bit of almond extract, and some agave syrup to get a bit of cherry and marzipan feel. I've used dried cherries too. I tried to do it without any added sugar, but it wasn't quite as marzipan-feeling as I wanted. If you use almond extract, only use about 1/8 tsp or it it just tastes bitter and ruins the whole effect.

cherry almond muesli

I made another video! Years ago, I had some curling willow in a flower arrangement and they started rooting in the vase. My mom took them home and turned them into trees. I saw the same curling willow bundles at Trader Joe's a month ago, and now have made you a how-to video.

DIY Curling Willow How-To + Succulent Teacher Gifts

There's bonus content of: cats, raccoons, and DIY teacher gifts in those overpriced yogurt containers you had to buy because they were cute. Sewing related because I'm wearing my in-process MAX skirt and a gorgeous underbust vest from small batch maker, Revivall Clothing. I'm a huge fan.

curling willows rooting in a large mason jar tops of curling willows
tray of succulents, potting soil and empty pots

I hope you're enjoying these last days of the season. Don't forget to enjoy 50% Off in the shop through the end of the month!

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