Ione Hack Pack is Here!

I am excited to announce the Ione Hack Pack! Sure, the hack pack was designed to expand on the Ione Pattern, and comes free with that pattern, but sometimes we need to add pockets, or a keyhole neckline, or maybe need to visualize how to lengthen sleeves...soften a all sorts of patterns.
It's all here in the hack pack. 21 pages of how-to instructions, plus 2 floating pattern pieces to apply at-will. 
It's so much easier to soften a shoulder, lengthen a sleeve, and add a keyhole neckline when someone has already done all the steps for you. The hack pack includes a universal pattern for the keyhole placket.
There are detailed instructions on how to lengthen any boxy t-shirt pattern into a dress.
There are multiple diagrams to help you along the way, including two different options for filling in your own diagrams. Whether you learn by reading, need visuals, need hands-on, or a combination, there are options to help you along the way.
When you're done, you'll be able to say, "Thanks, I designed it AND it has pockets!"

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