Launch Day!

Betty Ione Kerslake

Thank you so much for coming to Launch Day of Workhorse Patterns!

My first pattern is named after my paternal grandmother, Betty Ione. Here she is, about 16 years old, on the Oregon coast. 

Grandma was always a "lady" with her hair and nails done, never a mean word to say about anyone, and the epitome of grace. She was always so gentle and giving. You would have loved her. She always believed in me; she believed in everyone. Complete strangers would often tell me, "Oh...I knew your grandma. She worked at the bank. She was always so sweet, I just loved her!" 

So with that, I named my first pattern after her. A sweet, playful top that I hope you love as much as I do.

Use discount code IONE2019 to get 20% off of the Ione Pattern until 2/15/2019. I am already working on a "RTW Top" hack for the pattern. 

Happy Sewing! 

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