Tester Round Up #1

Pattern development is dependent on community. Without help and feedback from you, the incredibly generous and kind sewing community, patterns can't be developed to truly represent the people sewing them. Design in a vacuum never ends well! 

I'm incredibly grateful to every tester. This was done with so many of you cheering me in the background, giving little boosts of confidence. Thank you.

Testing always seems like a good idea... you get a "free" pattern, right? You get a pattern before anyone else does... but you are taking a risk with your time and your fabric. No one needs one more failed lump in their closet. So, again, THANK YOU.

Here are a few shots of the Ione testers. They are amazing people. Many of these folks put their body measurements in their Instagram profiles or are open about them if you ask, so Instagram profiles are linked. This was key for me being able to offer an inclusive size range.

This is Denise. I designed the Ione to wear with all of the high-waist designed pants and skirts as Denise demonstrates here in her test photo: 

This is Lorene. Lorene caught a finished-measurement error I made in the original draft after she cut her top out and still made it look amazing! That's some sewing-superpower.

This is Amy. Amy put her height and measurements in her post here. I'm really into the bee fabric!

This is Amanda. I can't look at a photo of Amanda and not smile. She has that contagious smile.

Abbey is really wonderful and super encouraging. Great details in her testing too.

Kirstin is also a super positive and kind person. Really great (and I believe she's wearing the #mnflint in this shot which I own and need to make!)

Michelle has shared her tester version on her Instagram. I highly recommend checking it out and seeing what the top looks like paired with pants that have a lower waistband. There are finished lengths on every size plus the back and front pieces are interchangeable, meaning you don't have to have the hi-lo hem if you don't like.

And last for today's post, Karen made all my marine dreams come true. You'll have to check out her post and see the secret mermaids on the inside!

I'll make another round-up soon, and be sure to check out the Workhorse Patterns Instagram & #ioneshirt.  I'll be posting the next photos with body measurements for comparison. 

Let me know what else you'd like to see.