V2 Already?!

Do you see what I did here? 

pattern layout

I didn't see it either. I rarely use pattern layout images, so here's my blindspot showing. Thanks to a customer for finding my mistake here. No...you don't need 4 arm cuffs. 

The updated V2 has this fixed in the instructions to look like:

Also, type on the cuff pattern piece. The original file, I had copy+pasted the text from other grainlines to keep it uniform...and didn't delete the "cut on fold" text for the cuffs. They are not, in fact, cut on the fold. They are full pattern pieces, each. You only need two - so if you do cut on fold, do it for economy, not because you have extra arms. :D

I'm so sorry. Yes, I really thought I could launch my first pattern without any typos. Guess this will keep me humble! Hopefully I didn't miss any others, but please if you see any, let me know.

All new purchases will have the updated, and all prior purchases have been sent an updated link. 

Thank you so very much.