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80s Ione Shirt

As we sunset on July, I'm actually pretty happy with my summer. I've made a point to really absorb the season.

That includes making a lightweight Ione Shirt in real, vintage 1980s fabric (photo above) I picked up at an epic estate sale last summer (you can see the IG hashtag #dorothysfabric here - it was THAT epic.) The round neckline Ione with a bias finish and a slightly reduced sleeve has been my go-to summer vibe for a couple years now. I've also been tinkering with a basic maxi skirt pattern (also here on IG.) 

zoe paintint

Mostly I've been enjoying what summer has to give. Kids at home, exploring their artistic whims. Clothes on the laundry line. Gardening. I picked up some curling willows from a florist and put them in a jar to root. I have already done this years ago, and it resulted in 3 curling willow trees out at my parents' old property. Not bad for a $3.99 purchase. So, I'm hoping to recreate that frugal magic. So far, so good. 

curling willow propagation

I made some posts on IG about peri- and menopause sewing and, well, that second half of life we don't talk about until we get there. Why IS that? The @sewover50 account has always been a wealth of knowledge, even when I was an editor for Sewcialists, we were always sharing posts back and forth, and they've got a ton of info on their IG account, as well as lots of folks chimed in. One of the things was the slowing down of the digestive track with estrogen loss. What works for one may not work for others. I tried everything from the dreaded orange drink to pills. Nothing was working, regularly (heh heh...sorry) until I stuck to a morning routine of Muesli. 

berry muesli

To be fair, I also started regular yoga in the mornings and hormone replacement therapy with a very light Rx, so correlation may not be entirely causation at this juncture, but I prefer to think positively and not give up my Rx. I started with Bob's Red Mill Muesli, but that adds up, so I started making my own. I put up my recipe on the blog, aptly named Becky Jo's Lazy Muesli. I'll share my flavor combo hits as I make them, and as long as their hits. I've created a few "oh hell no" combos already.

Outside eating is ALSO an excellent way to enjoy summer, like this delicious Birria Ramen below (
from here if you're local to PDX.) Kind of the antithesis to the Muesli but we have to live a little!

food carts

I'm still working on getting those Adobe Premiere and Audition skills polished. Luckily my partner is, not even being superfluous, one of the best in the world, AND ever so patient with me. I'm like a toddler, "I DO IT!" and so he upgraded my mic and, slowly but surely, I'll get that YouTube going! Slowly.

Meanwhile, enjoy this orchid I picked up in February that is still somehow A. alive, and B. has all new blooms all the time. I don't know when I got this witchcraft, but I'm not giving it back.


orchid magick

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