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Hey! How's it going? I'm going to move my sewing/blogging over here from now on, cool? For one, it's just too much to manage multiple accounts, and two - I LOVE our indie sewing community and make no secret of sewing other patterns. will stay up as an archive until I migrate it over. 

bucket of hats

You may have seen, I launched a little freebie pattern for the Sewcialist's Give Sew Much theme month - they surprised me back with an entire post announcing the pattern. There's even a little hashtag on Instagram: #givesewmuch. I'm just so proud of the work Sewcialists does. Every single person involved really works very hard, volunteers a lot of time, all on the hope it reaches someone, anyone, who needs to feel seen. 

 A couple weeks ago, Seattle Frocktails happened. A few of us from Portland drove up to enjoy a winter Frocktails. Lilly and her team did a great job. It was a lot of fun. I love how many of us Frocktails planners work together, sharing ideas and event fails/successes to better each event. Damn, we are a cool community. I wore the Wiksten Shift Shirt, Sew House 7 Free Range Slacks, and some self-made leather accessories. I'll share those later this week. I have a whole capsule wardrobe update.

My last post over on was the Friday Pattern Company (FPC) Adrienne blouse. When I first made it - I HATED it. Seriously. I felt so bad because I LOVE Chelsea of FPC, and to make a pattern by someone you adore and hate it... that's not an awesome feeling. But... then... I styled it and shot it...and now, I wear it all the time. Sometimes Isn't that funny? I made it from total FOMO too because I swear EVERYONE has been wearing it... so I thought I made this huge mistake by not being true to myself. I've been working really hard on focusing my wardrobe, designing, and life to be more true to this mid-forties me... and I thought I had a fail. But come to find out, it was the perfect thing to push me forward. So... Thanks Chelsea! 

More on that later, but for now I'll leave you with FPC is having a site-wide pattern sale AND launched this great new gender-neutral jacket pattern, so go give Chelsea some love, will you?


Next up, I've got a slew of posts on said wardrobe focusing with Jolene (my dress form) and I giving you a fashion show, some DIY leather work, and where Workhorse is going next. 

Tell me what's missing from your pattern collection! I've got a few things in the pipeline and would love to know if we're on the same page.

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