• Make Your Own: Economical vs. Frugal

    Nothing like a pandemic and quarantine to make it more vital than ever to reduce reliance on disposable products, amirite?
  • Capsule Wardrobe Fall - Winter 2019

    A little over year ago, I set some intentions. I wanted to both refocus my personal style at the life stage I'm at as well as share my drafting with others.
  • Winter Hats, Migrating Sewing Blog, Merging Accounts

    Hey! How's it going? I'm going to move my sewing/blogging over here from now on, cool? For one, it's just too much to manage multiple accounts, and two - I LOVE our indie sewing community and make no secret of sewing other patterns.
  • Ione Hack Pack is Here!

    When you're done, you'll be able to say, "Thanks, I designed it AND it has pockets!"
  • Tester Round Up #1

    Pattern development is dependent on community. Without help and feedback from you, the incredibly generous and kind sewing community, patterns can'...
  • 50% off A0 Printing at Patternsy!

    use the same code: IONE2019 at the Patternsy site for 50% off!
  • Launch Day!

    Thank you so much for coming to Launch Day of Workhorse Patterns!